Friday, December 12, 2008

recipes...ones you probably will not use!!

The staple diet of the Ancient Egyptians was bread and beer. Well, you might think that is not that bad. The problem with the bread is how they make it. First, they make the flour. To make the flour they crush the grain and shake off the outside of the husks!! Icky!! Then they would ground the grain between two stones. Bits from those two stones would get cooked in with the bread. When they bit into the bread they would be chewing pieces of stone!!! The stone that got stuck inside the bread wore their teeth away!! After they ground the flour they mixed it with water and baked it. The Egyptians did not have yeast. The only way that yeast was in bread was if it grew there by itself. The other problem is how they make the beer. They would make the bread but, then they would put it into a big jar full of water. Then they would climb into the jar and stomp the bread until it dissolved. I do not want anything people's feet were all over!! The beer was still really lumpy. They used a wooden strainer to make it a little bit better. They had to use a straw or drink through a strainer.

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